Our Solution

Being industry focus, Merimen solutions are designed to address the needs of various parties related in the insurance industry. The benefits offered to all parties are summarized broadly into these categories - streamlined communication, process efficiency, transparency and information availability.

The ultimate goal of Merimen solutions is to bring down the overall operational cost by eliminating unproductive use of resources, reduce excess inventory bloat, and improve the flow of information amongst the participants in the insurance industry. The results of an optimized process chain are translated to higher profitability to participants and better customer service to consumers.

In view of the technology trend today, Merimen has gone beyond the role of just a technology provider focused on solutions, where we provide online, scalable, end-to-end platform to support the Insurance industry.

Some of the solutions developed and marketed by Merimen:

  Extended Services

Besides developing Merimen solutions, we have also managed projects of various sizes with local and international insurers.

Our professional services includes projects related to system integration, process automation using workflow and imaging, data mining, data migration of systems due to merger and acquisition, customer relationship management (CRM) and consulting services in developing 5 years IT blueprint for insurers.

  • System Integration (SI)
  • System Active Sync (SAS)
  • Integration Engine (IE)
  • Imaging Storage Engine (ISE)
  • Workflow Engine (WE)
  • Integrated Front End System (IFES)

  Our Technology Partners

While Merimen focus on the domain knowledge of insurance, we rely on our technology partners to give us additional technical edge.

Our technology partners are:

  • Fuji Xerox (M) Sdn Bhd – Document Management & Workflow Solutions
  • DataOne Asia (M) Sdn Bhd – Internet Data Hosting Partner
  • NTT Communications – Internet Data Hosting Partner
  • AKN Messaging Technologies Bhd– Short Messaging Service (SMS) infrastructure provider
  • Microsoft – Software development
  • Adobe/Macromedia – Software development
And, with independent consultants with vast insurance experience in Malaysia to provide the industry best practice solutions to our clients when it is appropriate.

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