Our Success

Merimen is a vertical focused company that serves only the insurance sector. Our personnel have over 60 years of combined experience in the insurance industry and we back-up our commitment with action by going the extra mile just for our clients.

Our undivided commitment to the industry is a key contributor to our company’s success as market leader in providing a collaborative and information exchange platform for the insurance industry.

Being insurance focus has allowed us to:

  • Establish close working rapport with operational people. Having strong domain knowledge allows our people to communicate effectively with our clients.
  • Brainstorm for best approach. Having worked with more than 50 insurers has given us a good working knowledge of various work models. This is crucial in brainstorming to identify industry best practices.
  • Form long term partnership with our clients, to provide them with a competitive edge in their business.

We strongly believe in being impartial in our solutions. The interests of all participants are taken into consideration while formulating our business model. Our impartiality ensures our clients interests and concerns are addressed.

We pride ourselves in producing valued-added, versatile and user-friendly solutions, designed and engineered to the highest standards, assured by our extensive customer service. The result, optimised chain-process, efficient, saves time and cost, ensuring better profitability and return of investment to participants.

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