ePolicy is a collaborative cloud-based engine for real-time processing and managing policy-related transactions


eClaims is an end-to-end integrated engine designed to communicate, transact, manage and process all claims-related activities

Merimen eClaims and ePolicy engines are built on an open modular based architecture. This innovative system provides great flexibility and adaptability; one that can easily be modified and scaled to any line of business.

Merimen Online Solution

A collaborative platform to connect different parties in the insurance ecosystem to ensure faster processing, improved efficiency and easier performance evaluation.

Provides streamlined solutions for the insurance and motor industry

Facilitates straight-thru processing in a paperless environment

Enables transactions, communications and interactions with all related parties

Provides custom reports for data analysis, evaluation and benchmarking

Merimen believes in moving forward with and for the industry

Before Merimen Solutions

Long turnaround periods and frequent errors due to manual processing
Increased cost due to inefficiencies and errors
Inability to track overall progress
Loss of information and errors in communication between multiple parties
Lack of meaningful data and insights into internal or external operations

With Merimen Solutions

Reduced turnaround time, increased efficiency and minimal human errors
Reduced administrative and IT costs without investment in hardware
Easy to monitor progress and track activities
Seamless communication with add-on services like email and SMS
Built-in reporting and KPI tools to measure performance, even for external parties

Merimen's competitive edge as caters many related and linkable systems for insurers and related industries.

Here are some key Insurance Ecosystems which Merimen Online has transformed

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