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Merimen Online Marine Portal Solution (eMarine)

  The Solution
Merimen Marine Portal solution is developed to expedite the issuance of Marine Certificate of Insurance (CI) by corporate clients, agents and brokers. It is an easy-to-use, scalable solution that can help streamline the management of marine cargo insurance.

As with all Merimen’s solutions, the Marine Portal is based on a modular and secure architecture that promises high-impact functionality and adaptability. It reflects our commitment to provide high quality electronic commerce services to our customers.


Has inbuilt database of vessels and ports. There are above 70,000 vessels and 2,500 ports in the database currently and this will be expanded over time. Vessels and Ports keyed in by corporate customers are checked against the database.

Amongst the key benefits of Merimen Marine Portal, are:

  • Accessible by everyone with Internet connection
  • Removes paper based mail and fax communications - helps save time and cut cost
  • Removes the likelihood of manual errors - improve accuracy of CI issuance
  • Removes re key in of data - reduce processing cost, simplify downstream process
  • Gives a clearer picture of all CI issued
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