GIA Record Management Centre FAQs

Purchasing Accident Report

  1. Q: Who can purchase accident report?
  2. A: Owner/Driver involved in the accident, or other parties such as Workshop and Law Firm handling the case and buying on behalf of the Owner/Driver.

  3. Q: Can Owner/ Driver send someone on his behalf to buy the accident report?
  4. A: Yes, but an authorization letter from the Owner/Driver is required. Alternatively, the Owner/ Driver can fill and sign Section F of the GIARMC TP Accident Report Purchase form.

  5. Q: How to purchase an accident report?
  6. A: There are 2 ways to purchase a report,
    1. Walk-in application (Owner/ Driver, Workshop or Law firms): Bring along IC, authorization letter (if applicable) to GIARMC office, and fill up application form. Payment is to be made by CASH or CHEQUE only
    2. Application by post (Law firms only): attach CHEQUE payment, authorization letter/ Warrant of Act with application form and mail it to GIARMC office

    GIARMC office is at 6 Raffles Quay, #18-00, opens Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm

  7. Q: Can Owner/Driver call to check whether Third Party report has been lodged for purchase?
  8. A: No, Owner/ Driver have come down personally to GIARMC office to purchase the accident report.

  9. Q: How much does it cost to purchase an accident report?
  10. A: There are two cost involved,
    1. Search/ Processing cost: S$15.00 per search
    2. Report cost:       S$14.00 per report
    3. Total cost:       S$29.00
      All fees are inclusive of GST 7%. Payment by Cash or Cheque only for walk-in applications, and Cheque for post applications (only applicable to Law firms)

  11. Q: Can I search for more than 1 report?
  12. A: Yes, there is no limit to the number of reports for each search as long as they are in the same accident. You will be charged additional S$14 for every report. Example, Total cost = Search fee of S$15 + S$14 x No. of reports

  13. Q: What if Third Party did not lodge the accident report?
  14. A: A search fee of S$15 is still applicable and will be valid for 7 working days from the day it was searched. Thus, no additional search fee will be charged if the report is being searched again and purchased within the 7 days.

For online users (TP Accident Report Search/ Purchase function)

  1. Q: Why am I not able to find my client? Or ‘Client Not Found’ is reflected in Receipt/ Status column.
  2. A: You may have either keyed in the wrong vehicle number or accident date.

  3. Q: If my search result shows ‘Client Not Found’ in the Receipt/Status column, will a search fee of S$15 still be charged?
  4. A: No, no fee will be charged if the search was unsuccessful/ not found.

  5. Q: What is the ‘Search Again’ button under ‘Client Not Found’ for and why is it on my screen?
  6. A: The button appears when you have purchased a search that was unsuccessful/ a ‘Client Not Found’ result (see Q9). You may click on the ‘Search Again’ button to re-search for the vehicle’s report with no additional fee, within 7 working days from the day the search was being purchased.

  7. Q: Why can’t I find any Third Party reports?
  8. A: There might be two scenarios why,
    1. Third Party has not lodged the accident report
    2. The report has been lodged but without or wrong Third Party vehicle number or accident date

TP Accident Report Search/ Purchase function subscription

  1. Q: Should I subscribe as an online user?
  2. A: Yes, if you search/ buy accident reports frequently. It gives you the convenience to download and print reports online.

  3. Q: How much does the subscription cost?
  4. A: It is a monthly subscription fee of S$40 and paid via GIRO.

  5. Q: Who can subscribe?
  6. A: Only authorized Workshop by Insurer, Law Firm and GIA Authorized Reporting Centres (ARC).

  7. Q: How do I subscribe?
  8. A: Attach the following documents and send it to GIARMC office,
    1. filled GIARMC ARC Registration form
    2. original copy of the GIRO application form
    3. a copy of your ACRA business profile letter
    4. a copy of your latest audited/ unaudited Financial report

  • Click here for TP Accident Report Purchase Form
  • Click here for ARC Registration Form
  • Click here for GIRO Form